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Massage Therapy during COVID-19

In recent weeks, public health authorities have been taking measures to contain an outbreak of a new respiratory illness known as COVID-19. As a Massage Therapy facility, we are working diligently to ensure that our clinic remains a safe and healthy place for you to visit. We are asking that everyone please abide by the recommendations being set out by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak updates, symptoms, prevention, travel, preparation – Canada.ca to ensure that the virus is not spread. Currently, our clinic is continuing normal operations. We are also applying daily disinfection measures throughout the building beyond normal cleaning operations. 

Please know that your health, as well as the health of all our clients is our number one priority. I ask that anyone visiting the clinic take everyday actions that can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses such as:

  • Wash you hands often with soap and water or alchohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Sneeze and cough into your sleeve
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Routine cleaning of frequently used surfaces and objects

Although COVID-19 is a new and emerging respiratory virus, we know that most people with common human coronavirus illnesses will recover on their own. However, your risk of severe illness may be higher if you have a weakened immune system, in particular for older adults or people with chronic diseases (for example, diabetes, cancer, heart, renal or chronic lung disease). For individuals at a higher risk, it is important to take actions to reduce the risk of getting sick by taking extra measures to put distance between yourself and other people, take everyday precautions including good hand hygiene and avoiding others who are sick, ensuring that medications are renewed and up-to-date, and having a plan in the event of an illness including regular check-ins with friends, family members, and their primary health care provider.

Many people worry that they will be charged for missing an appointment should they have to cancel due to illness during this time. Please know that your health, as well as the health of all of our clients is our number one priority and you will never be charged for a late cancel due to illness. Get the latest updates about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ontario. Information is updated every day – https://www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus. Stay healthy everyone!

Therapeutic Cupping

Therapeutic Cupping has taken place around the world for thousands of years. Cups have been used to remove or “suction” away unwanted materials from the body such as pathogens or pains since Ancient Egypt and has been found in texts from different culture such as Chinese medicine and Ancient Greece. Cups can affect the tissues in the body up to four inches deep which in turn can remove substances from the muscles and even within organs to the surface for the body to clear it out. Unlike massage therapy or other bodywork, cups use negative pressure to manipulate the tissues and separate adhesions that may be present. They can also stimulate vasodilation (the opening of blood vessels) to allow fluids to move under the skin and can be used for lymph drainage to decrease swelling at an injury site or after an operation.

When receiving cupping treatments, its important to know that cupping marks can appear on the skin for a few hours and up to a few days afterwards. Although cups can cause bruising if used improperly by applying them for too long a duration, the cupping marks themselves are not bruises and simply fade away over time instead of changing shape like a contusion might. Just remember to hydrate sufficiently after receiving a cupping treatment so that you clear out any stagnant debris that is brought out of the muscles and soft tissues. Drinking lots of water helps rehydrate the muscles (since cupping draws water out of your tissues as well) and helps your lymphatic system clear away the waste.

If you are interested in receiving cupping therapy and would like more information on this form of treatment, contact me at: jennifer@medeirosrmt.com. Book your massage today!