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Little Joints and Small Muscles

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding small joints in the body such as in the feet or hands and whether or not Massage Therapy can help. Some clients, who use their hands regularly for work such as in a factory setting, will ask if I can massage to help relieve joint pain in finger and toes. Athletes may also suffer from joint pain, such as rock climbers or runners. These joints can most certainly be treated through massage therapy effectively!

Finger and toe joints may be small, but the muscles surrounding these areas are used every day and they almost impossible to stretch! When doing repetitive movements, scar tissue can develop with strains or the joints can be aggravated by the development of arthritis through years of work. Massage therapy can help break down scar tissue, increase range of motion in arthritic joints, and relax those tiny hard working muscles surrounding those small joints. Massage therapy and the manual manipulation of the joint and surrounding soft tissue is very effective because a Massage Therapists can access these muscles while self-massage or the use of other modalities is very difficult to do on these areas.

If you suffer from joint pain in your fingers and toes, don’t hesitate to book a massage today! It may help decrease your pain and aid to getting you back on your feet again!


Dislocation is an injury affecting a joint in the body. Any Joint can dislocate, but some joints are more prone to dislocating than others. The shoulder joint and the collar bone are the two joints that are the most common for dislocation. Dislocation is when the two bones that form a joint are no longer touching. This can happen most commonly with the shoulder joint because the contact between articulating surfaces of the arm bone and the shoulder blade is very small and it relies heavily on muscular support. Dislocations occur mainly through direct or indirect trauma. Whether it is a fall or through a sports related injury, dislocations need to be treated medically to be able to heal properly.

After medical treatment, the affected joint is usually immobilized for a period of time so that it can heal fully. During this time, the area around the joint can develop muscle spasms; this is the body’s way to attempt to stabilize the joint. Do to the lack of movement, the muscles surrounding the area can end up getting shortened which in turn affects and limits range of motion of the joint. This is where Massage Therapy can help! Massage can help increase circulation, reduce muscle spasms and increase range of motion in the joint. It can reduce muscle stiffness and decrease the healing time for the dislocation if massage therapy is done during the healing process.

If you have suffered from a dislocation, book a massage today!